What Are Display Campaigns?

Display Campaigns - Retail type advertising for brand image or product marketing; Images - Use stock or custom images if you have a designer and have something in mind that you want to try in the Display ads.

Reactive Display (aka Display Remarketing) - Ideal way to use Display campaigns, as Remarketing Audiences (previous visitors to your website) are more likely to convert and therefore make a more effective campaign.

Proactive Display - We often name them “Proactive Display” because they are outbound and they use Custom Intent Audiences instead of Remarketing Audiences. This Campaign is used instead of or in addition to the Reactive Display when there is an exception (like if your business has a long sales cycle (10+ days) or if you can’t use Remarketing Audiences because they’re in the medical industry.).

It can also sometimes work if you can use “Managed Placements” (which means you find 10-20 websites that use Google Adsense and show ads ONLY on those sites, which is a hard list of websites to come up with).

Display Ads are good for brand recognition & gathering data to feed the other campaigns (esp. Smart shopping, if it’s eCommerce or brand) but the leads often won’t click directly (so you won’t be able to prove profitable conversions on the Display Ad alone) -- instead they’ll type in the brand name into Google when they’re ready to go to the site. This means you will have to pay close attention to the conversions in the Branded Campaign before and after the Display ads begin to determine whether you think it’s working.

Do not allocate too much budget towards this campaign because you don’t want to throw your ROAS out the window, but about $450/month would work great.