What is the $1,000 e-commerce start-up fee for?

We don’t like charging a startup fee. But for eCommerce clients, that fee covers necessary costs:

First, we have to rebuild and optimize your data feed — i.e. the massive data file that tells Google Merchant Center what products you want to advertise from your site. We do this using DataFeedWatch.

This usually means we have to do quite a bit of “cleaning,” in the ways of updating and adding product names, prices, images, descriptions, attributes, and much more. The reality is, most websites do a poor job of explaining all details of the products, so we rebuild it to have the most accurate and relevant data possible; this way, Google can do the best job at targeting users based on that information

Once this cleaning process is complete, we integrate with Google Merchant Center. (GMC is a tool that uploads your product listings into Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search).

This is about when we rope in a Tag Implementation team to set up modified cart value conversion tracking and build out dynamic remarketing.

All this is to say:

Building an eCommerce campaign is extra complex.

Configuring DataFeedWatch is time consuming. Conversion tracking is more difficult to set up. And this is all further complicated the more products a business has.

In fact, many Google Ads agencies refuse to work with eCommerce businesses because of this extra work.

We, on the other hand, love the challenge.

You can read more about why there is a startup fee in our blog here.