I Googled a keyphrase for my campaign but I don’t see my ad—why?

A: Ultimately, the answer depends on your unique campaign—but there could be a few potential reasons for this:

You are in a competitive industry and/or have a limited budget: In this scenario, there are two options for bidding:

  1. You can bid to be at the top of the page (in which case you may spend your entire budget on one click per day)
  2. You can opt for more selective bidding, resulting in more leads

Setting a lower budget allows only the right people to find you, instead of paying a lot of money to claw to the top of the page.

You have other keyphrases that have proven to convert After running a campaign for some time, data shows us which keywords perform the best. If an ad doesn’t appear for a specific keyphrase, chances are it hasn’t converted as well as others—and more money is spent on those proven successful keyphrases instead.

Low search volume Sometimes, a keyword has low search volume altogether. In this case, ads are ineligible to be shown until search traffic increases.

Where did you Google from (physically)? It could also be a regional issue. If you’re out of town—where your ads are turned off—they won’t appear from a Google search.

From here, you have a couple options to get to the bottom of why you aren’t seeing your ads:

  1. Check out the “Ad Preview Diagnosis” tool in Google Ads. If an ad isn’t showing, this should tell you why—or, it may tell you that your ad is, in fact, showing up in Google search results, but you just haven’t seen it yet.
  2. Still feeling uneasy? Just reach out. We can give you the reason why you aren’t seeing your ad; but chances are, there is a strategy behind it—and we’re happy to go over it with you.