Should I be running video ads and what can I expect?

Video Ads - Video ads are best used with Remarketed Audiences. This is because those audiences have already expressed good intent (meaning they’ve already gone to the site and completed a conversion), which is important since video ads are outbound (meaning people who see them aren’t necessarily searching for a solution at that moment.

You can run YouTube video ads, like the 15 second ones that are non-skippable, or you can run video Display, which means the video can show on sites other than YouTube, much like a banner ad.) and so they are primarily for promoting brand awareness.

Videos are often not clicked on directly; rather, leads will watch the video ad a few times and then go to Google later and search for the brand. This makes tracking a bit difficult, so you can expect to see a rise in the conversion rate of your Branded Campaign, as well as a rise in the View-Through Conversions report.

Videos will need to be hosted in YouTube and the Google Ads account will need to have the YouTube account connected under “Linked Accounts.”

Here are some general recommendations for creating videos:

  • Since they are skippable, you will want to mention the offer within the first 6 seconds.
  • Mention the brand within the first 6 seconds.
  • If you choose to put your brand logo in the video, put it on the bottom left side of the video.

Here is our helpful 1-minute script template that could come in handy if you plan on making a video soon.

Steps to making a video:

  • Go to and search for “Explainer” to find explainer video templates.
  • Find the one you like and write the script.
  • Then send the script to someone who makes videos on Fiverr. (We use Demitri. He makes videos for about $50. His email is:
  • Then find someone else on Fiverr to do the voiceover (Nicholescott369 is great). You can also get a famous person to do a cameo on this [site].