What to Expect With Competitor Campaigns

Competitor Campaigns:

  • These campaigns tend to have a shorter sales cycle.
  • They are also known to drive more branded search (because someone shopping a competitor’s site, might come back to Google after not finding what they were looking for, remember your name, and type that in).
  • Don’t expect to have a high quality score on campaigns like this because the content on the site will never have the keyword (the competitor brand) in it.
  • It is almost always a trademark violation to put your competitor’s business name into your ad copy.
  • If you do not have a direct/obvious competitor, some nuance needs to be taken into consideration:
    • For example, you might want to target a big brand who steals most of your business, but since the big brand sells more than just the products that you sell, you will need to target keywords that include both the competitor’s name and the product.
    • Sometimes this is the case with smaller competitors, as well, in which case try both strategies (target just the competitor’s name and also the competitor + product as keywords).