How do you track phone calls (leads and sales)?

Tracking phone calls is incredibly important for accurate reporting. Any calls that come in from your campaign are recorded using a tool called Call Tracking Metrics.

Here’s how it works:

First, a lead calls from an ad extension or from your website.

When this happens, we can see some really useful data:
What page of your website the individual was on when they called What keyword they used to land on your website Which campaign generated that user Then, a member of our team manually scores every call. After listening to the call recording, we manually import the quality conversations and the associated data into Google Ads.

Most agencies use a time threshold to determine lead quality (for example, any call over 45 seconds is automatically recorded as a conversion); however, we ensure lead quality manually, which makes for far superior data.

For more info, read our guest post "How to Track Your Phone Calls in Google Ads Using CallTrackingMetrics"