What do you recommend for a new product launch?

If you are launching a new product, there are a few things we can do to get it out into the ad ecosystem.

First of all, if you add the product to your eCommerce store, then it will automatically be added to the Smart Shopping campaign through the product feed after a few days. However, depending on how large your store is, it could take the algorithm quite some time to give the new product ad spend and gather conversion data on it. If you want to speed that process up, we can give the product it's own campaign(s) to force the account to devote ad spend to it more quickly.

We can give it it's own budget and run the following campaigns:

  • Shopping (eventually the product will be switched over to the main Smart Shopping campaign once we are done with the "push")
  • GSP and Display - These work especially well with remarketing audiences of recent website visitors
  • YouTube - Do you have a video to promote the product? If so, we can try YouTube shopping to get eyes on it.
  • Search - Temporarily running a search campaign on a new product can help the ad account gather conversion data more quickly because it allows the algorithm to see what the ideal, target customer looks like.