Why can't we just turn on tROAS & leave it on?

Doing this causes the algorithm to not be able to spend the full budget, and ultimately, causes us to fall behind spend and lose valuable time in the learning process, too.

What's The Downside Of A Too-High ROAS Goal?

Having a high ROAS goal may limit your ad spend and stop the account from growing.

Why are we selective before excluding a product from shopping ads?

Sometimes when the budget is limited, having too many products in the shopping ads means the algorithm has trouble gathering conversion patterns in order to optimize because each conversion on each shopping ad/product is too spread out across the weeks/months, so the answer is to temporarily exclude products until the algorithm can get the hang of things. Then, with scale later on, those products' shopping ads can be re-included. Just because we exclude a product, doesn't mean it won't be purchased. It just means it might not work well as a shopping ad & the money could be better spent on other shopping ads to bring people to the site...but those people still might buy these products.

How long should I wait to see an accurate Performance Report in Performance Max?

Wait for at least 14 days (plus your conversion lag) to view accurate and complete performance reporting

Why is Google Ads reporting different numbers than Google Analytics?

If you've ever wondered why Google Ads doesn't show the same conversion as Google Analytics, read this.

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