Why is there a discrepancy between Shopify & Google Ads?

When you're viewing your Shopify report called "sales from marketing" (not available with all levels of Shopify) to see the total revenue from Google Ads, you'll likely see a lower quantity than what Google Ads reports.

It's not unusual to have a 20-30% loss in conversion value when in Shopify's marketing report when compared with Google Ads.

The lost conversions can be attributed to two things:

  1. Shopify uses UTM parameters, which are often dropped, whereas Google Ads uses a robust tracking algorithm.

  2. Shopify removes conversion value from the reporting if the customer made a return, whereas Google Ads doesn't know about the return so it doesn't get removed from the dashboard.

Here's a video Kasim made on this topic -- Although the video talks about Google Analytics reports rather than Shopify reports, it's still the same phenomenon, because Google Analytics also uses UTM parameters: