Can You Join Our Company Slack Channel? (...Or Other Communication/Project Management Channels)

We take communication seriously. And that’s why we don’t join external client communication channels or project management applications (like Slack, Ryver, Asana, Basecamp, or TeamWork).

Here’s why:

1. Juggling channels is inefficient

Each of our client managers may work with dozens of clients at a time. So you can imagine that joining every client’s Slack channel would get a bit noisy; not to mention each client uses a different platform type, which would result in a lot of clutter.

2. We have rock-solid processes inside our own agency

From onboarding to account setup to ongoing management, our communication processes are about as efficient and streamlined as it gets.

We have automations and purposely-redundant methods in place to ensure each client account is managed with the sharpest eye.

Which brings us to our final point:

3. Limited access and workflow

Each client is assigned a powerhouse team dedicated to their account: a client manager, a specialist, a backup specialist, and two strategists.

To provide the best service, client managers frequently rope a specialist or strategist into conversations with the client.

However, if a client manager joins a client's external communication channel, it is nearly impossible to rope in those other team members—and it is similarly clunky to forward client information out to the rest of the team.

With our communication systems, we can move efficiently, tie automations to our emails, and allow access to our entire team.

We prioritize frequent and meaningful communication

We try to set clear expectations early on regarding our time and yours.

While adding your client manager to your internal Slack channel might seem like the best way to reach us, our policy to stick with internal communication processes actually results in more availability to speak with you and higher-quality communication.

As always, we’re happy to chat with you about any questions or concerns. Reach out anytime.